Emily is a 20 year old travel, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Nottingham. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I only started blogging more regularly quite recently, in March 2017. I’ve had a few other blogs over the years but I never really felt very passionate about them and so I didn’t post more than once. However, ’Red Daily’ is just 100% me and something I couldn’t see myself without now.

Why did you start blogging?
As mentioned, I’ve had a couple of other blogs over the years because I loved writing and it seemed an exciting way to express myself. I think I was just too nervous before and wasn’t ready to blog more regularly or intimately, but since starting University and having a fresh start it just felt like the right time.

What are you studying at University?

I’m currently studying a three year Graphic Communications and Illustration course. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s another creative outlet that I thoroughly enjoy and have always wanted to study further.

Where do you get you blog post inspiration?
I’ve always had an interest in writing and expressing who I am truly, but I’ve always kept all that to myself. I loved reading other bloggers work and I had a fascination for the way that they took this similar interest and made it appear so fun and engaging. I knew, deep down, that that was something I wanted to give a good go at, even just for fun. But the best thing about starting your own blog is that there’s no set rules and guidelines to follow; you can write about whatever you want, which is what I remind myself every time I come to write a new post.

What posts do you find yourself getting stuck into the most?

Anything that is that bit more personal, which may sound strange, posting about personal feelings for anyone to read, but for me it’s like a weight’s being lifted and I can say the things I’ve wanted to express for years but have never had the confidence to. Also, I think that that just makes the overall blog more real and individual; your audience can experience the true you.

Do you plan you blog posts or let the ideas come to you?
Obviously, not all blog ideas can be written at once. I do get numerous, brief ideas for posts all at once sometimes, so I make a note of them all, however random, incase I do decide to write a post from one them later. Although, sometimes, however many preplanned blogpost ideas I have, if suddenly a post that I’m desperate to express just comes to me whilst sat at the computer, then I won’t stop that thought process and I’ll just write what comes to me at that time. I do prefer that sometimes as it’s much more natural.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
I read a fair few bloggers with a wide range of audience sizes, however, I’ve always really admired the work of bloggers such as Poppy Deyes, What Olivia Did, Zoella & Hannah Gale (amongst many others) for how both personal and beneficial their content is, as well as their overall presentation.

What are your blogging tips and advice?
Don’t be afraid to say what you truly want to say. Just let loose, however deep or random. It can be tricky to overcome at first, but once you do, it’s truly liberating and freeing.


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