Jodie Affleck is a year old lifestyle, travel and beauty blogger from. She can be found at
When did you start blogging?
I started blogging back in 2015 just posting little photos on instagram but stopped as I felt like it wasn’t the right time due to school. I also didn’t feel very confident so it wasn’t kept up. However, after keeping up with reading blogs I decided to branch back into the community with a new name ‘Jodie And A Blog’ just after GCSES in summer 2016! It was just the right time for me!
Why did you start blogging?
I don’t think there is any particular reason as to why I have started but I mostly got my inspiration from reading other blogs, following other bloggers on social media and finding a true love for skincare. Skincare has always been my favourite thing and I was only really going to blog about that but then I fell in love with makeup, lifestyle, advice and photography! I also love writing and communicating online and blogging allows you to do both!
Have you got any exciting plans for the rest of 2017?
Well, I’m hoping to gain some new experiences this year! I want to jump outside my comfort zone with my blog and myself. I have planned to travel a lot this year with my friends, going around to different cities and markets! I also want to go to some festivals and make use of London! Blog wise – I really want to up my photography game!
Where do you most enjoy shopping?
Hmmm, theres many shops I adore! For clothes I absolutely love ZARA! How can you not? The website is hard to use but the clothes are amazing! I also love River Island! P.s I love Marks and Spencer’s, anyone else? Just love the atmosphere of that shop, the food is INSANE!
What is your favourite beauty brand?
I have many favourite beauty brands eeek! It’s so hard to choose! At the minute I am loving Soap And Glory, Charlotte Tilbury and NYX!
What 2 make up products could you not live without?
The two makeup products I couldn’t live without would have to be mascara and a light-coverage foundation as I have 0 eyelashes and always need a bit of coverage to make my skin look more awake and even!
Who is your blogging inspiration?
Ooo, I love sharing blogger-love! I have so many inspirations! I love Zoella because I feel like she is so relatable and such a girl bosss! She is killing it! I also love Jodie Melissa as her photography is insane, I love LexiLife’s vlogs, she’s such a natural on camera and if I was to ever vlog I would love to come across as easy-going as her! Such a babe! Lastly, I love Lily Pebbles, Anna from The Anna Edit and Meg Says! They are just amazing bloggers and have come so far! I know I’ve said a lot of people – I’m sorryyyy!!
What are your blogging tips and advice?
My blogging tips would be INTERACT! Talk to bloggers, download twitter, share, like, retweet, comment! It’s no fun just sitting there waiting for people to read your posts! Talk to everyone, you can make some real good friends! Secondly, I would say BE YOURSELF. Post what you want to post, say what you want to say (nicely) and just be you! Thirdly, PHOTOGRAPHY! I think photography is important to some extent. I suck at photography and  always trying to improve! It doesn’t have to be perfect but using natural lighting, no flash and perhaps using some props will help! (This can really help your instagram!)

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