Becky is a 20 year old beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography, advice, travel and food blogger from Bristol. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I started The Owlet in February 2016 (just over a year ago). I had a blog before this in 2013 about beauty, but quickly realised that wasn’t for me.

Why did you start blogging?
I originally started blogging because I wanted an outlet for the photographs I took while travelling the country. However, as I became more involved with the blogger community I felt that there was a real lack of inspiration for plus size girls, and I wanted to change this. Since starting my blog to post about my travels, it’s become more of a place to encourage people to be confident and happy, whether you’re 15 and a size 20 or 40 years old and a size 8.

What are your skincare tips?
I actually just wrote a blog post on this! I have really bad problem skin and suffer a lot of break outs so most of my skincare routine is just trying to keep the spots at bay without drying out my skin. I’m allergic to Tea Tree, Lanolin and Aloe which is in basically everything, but if you suffer like me I can’t recommend anything with peppermint, rose or salicylic acid enough. They’re my saviours! Lush Magnaminty mask is great, as are the Superdrug Pore Cleaning Pads.

Where do you recommend travelling to?
Bristol! Although I may be biased. I used to love London but now I’m older I can’t deal with rushing around or rude people on the tube. I love Birmingham because it’s a quieter, more friendly mix of Bristol and London. Plus there’s Selfridges which is all I need. Recently I’ve loved exploring areas closer to home. It’s easy to think of places that you want to visit and forget those that are closest. I spent a weekend exploring my home town and that inspired me to start doing day trips to places nearby, which is a really great way to appease the travel bug and the bank balance. Plus it’s nice to know your local area.

What’s your favourite song?
That’s such a difficult question! I love anything by the Gipsy Kings, because it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you listen to their music. But if I had to pick one song it would be How Can I Tell You by Madness. It’s a really motivational song and if you listen to the words there’s a great meaning behind them.

How did you come up with your blog name?
I’ve loved owls for as long as I can remember, and my boyfriend calls me “Owlet”, as in baby owl, so when I started blogging that seemed like the obvious choice. Although when my site was smaller, every time someone Googled me, they’d get photos of baby monitors. Probably should’ve checked that…

Who is your blogging inspiration?
When I started blogging about beauty in 2013 it was Fleur De Force. Before that I didn’t really know that beauty blogging existed! I stopped blogging about beauty after a few months because I realised it wasn’t my thing, but by that point I knew that blogging existed and carried on reading until I started The Owlet three years later. I find inspiration from people who are like me – smaller bloggers that do it because they love it, not because they want to make money. I love Purely Amy’s blog because I have to be careful with what I eat and her veggie recipes are amazing. I also read A Balanced Belly a lot because she’s going through the same struggles as me. But fashion wise, I love Grace Victory because I relate to her carefree attitude and I love her style.

What are your blogging tips and advice?
I wrote a post to help new bloggers a few weeks ago. My biggest piece of advice would be make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. I’ve seen so many people start a blog and expect that they’re going to make money and travel the globe overnight. It doesn’t work like that. Write because it’s what you’re passionate about and the rest will follow. Also don’t try to tie yourself down to one genre. It will get difficult and you’ll probably stop blogging because you don’t enjoy it anymore. Keep your blog name vague and write whatever you want to talk about.


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