Louisa and Marietta are lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty blogging twins from London and Hannover/Germany. They can be found at

When did you start blogging?
We started blogging in 2014. We have been reading fashion and lifestyle blogs such as and since we were 16 and we actually have had two blogs before that we ended up deleting as we were unsure about where this “thing” was heading to. Back then blogs were pretty much up and coming but not as common as nowadays. In 2014 Marietta started studying Public Relations and we thought: when, if not now? So we just did it and have been frequently blogging ever since.

Why did you start blogging?
We always liked the idea of an online diary – not in a personal way but with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. We think it’s super cool to be able to go back and see where we were one or two years ago, how we developed style and professional wise and just to be able to read about our lives.

Favourite place you’ve travelled too?
London and New York! Marietta loves London so much that she decided to move there last year for an initial 6 months and she is planning to move back for good this year! We love how vibrant the city is and this feeling of endless possibilities that it carries. New York is a special place, too, as it’s probably the most European city in the US. It’s a unique place that you cannot compare to anywhere else. We think that both cities are magical.

How would you describe each others style?
We’d say that Marietta has quite a romantic style as she likes to wear bows, dots, dresses and skirts. Louisa is a little more edgy, she likes leather and golden accessoires.

What are your make up tips?
Always go for a natural look but make your eyebrows strong! 🙂

What’s your dream jobs?
Louisa studies Dentistry, so she will be a dentist in near future. Marietta is about to finish her PR studies and she mainly works in music PR, so that would be a dream for her future. But of course, working as full-time bloggers would be our dream job, too!

Who is your blogging inspiration?
We love to read Mariannan, Jossecret, Lydia Elise Millen, Xenia Overdose, Milena Le Secret and Weronika Zalazinska!

What are your blogging tips and advice?
Our advice to anyone out there would be to try and find a topic you are passionate about, because success certainly doesn’t come over night. It’s really hard work but the great thing is that you will learn so much on your way! Always try to aim higher and be critical about what you do.


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