Sophie Webb is a 25 year old beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Essex. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging back in January 2012 which seems like an age ago now! I started out under a completely different blog name – “sophee” and hosted my blog on blogger. At the end of 2016 I rebranded my blog, gave it a new name and migrated to a new CMS which is much easier to use!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a means to meet some new girl friends. At the time I was midway through my Computer Science degree at university. Most of my friends were boys, and all of my girlfriends from school had gone to university across the country! I was desperate to have a proper chat with someone likeminded about other things I loved, namely makeup and fashion.

What are you most excited for in 2017?
I’m actually getting married on July 1st 2017, so thats probably the thing I’m most excited for! Wedding planning has pretty much consumed my life for the last year and more, so I can’t wait to have all my family and friends under one roof to celebrate what should hopefully be the happiest day of our lives!

Aside from that I’m also ridiculously excited for our honeymoon which will follow! We have planned to go to Hawaii via San Francisco and returning via Las Vegas. I can’t wait to meet the sea turtles in Hawaii, see one of my old work friends in San Francisco and have a couple of wild nights in Vegas!

Did you have any new year resolutions?
I never really set myself any new years resolutions. I always resolve to try and be a better version of me though, no matter the time of year. I’ve got an ongoing agreement with myself that I should try and say “yes” to more opportunities, and teach myself new things wherever possible. One of my dreams Is to eventually own my own business which would have something to do with web development and design. With that in mind in my spare time i’m also teaching myself how to code in the programming language ‘Python’ because, why not?!

What make up advice would you give your younger self?
Oh dear, where do I start?! I made so many terrible make up mistakes as a teen, and to some extent even into my early 20s! I never really got the hang of blending, setting or matching my makeup to my skintone, so more often than not my face would be a strangely coloured oily mess! I’ve definitely learnt now and my beauty blender and Laura Mercier translucent powder are basically my best friends in my make up arsenal.

Another piece of advice I’d give myself would be PUT THE TWEEZERS DOWN!! I was so keen on plucking my eyebrows that I basically tweezed them into non-existance and as a result have spent years growing them back.

We’ve all committed make up sins as younger women but the only important bit is that we learn from them, and all the lovely pictures are there to remind us never to make those mistakes again! (and to give us a laugh!)

Where do you get ideas for blog posts?
From loads of different places. I use instagram to browse through my favourite make up brands and their new releases to see what kind of products I need on my radar. I watch beauty videos on Youtube to get inspiration on popular looks and sometimes I just post whatever is on my mind! My wedding has given me plenty of ideas for post inspiration, from choosing a pair of shoes to my experience buying a wedding dress.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
I don’t necessarily have a blogging inspiration but there are a lot of make up artists that I take inspiration from on Instagram. To name a few “staceymariemua”, “nicoletanneberg” & “rebeccabrysonmua” – I love seeing the looks these girls create as they always look so flawless!

What are your blogging tips and advice?
I use hootsuite to schedule all of my tweets. It’s such a good timesaver and you can spread out your tweets for a new blog post across the entire week. Aside from that I also use wordpress plugins – “revive old post” is a great plugin that you can use to share old posts via twitter, facebook etc to continue driving traffic and promoting older content!


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