Beth Hughes is a 21 year old beauty, hair, lifestyle and fashion blogger from Middlesborough. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging January 2016! Just over a year ago.

Why did you start blogging?
I study journalism at uni and for one of my modules we needed to create a blog at keep it running for 10 weeks. I created a beauty blog (hence the name). But once the 10 weeks was over I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep it going, and slowly my blog turned into more of a beauty and lifestyle blog!

How did you learn to do make up?
I don’t actually think I’m that good at doing make up! It’s basically just from hours spent bored on a night messing about with make up! Also Youtube tutorials! My skills are very basic, it still shocks me when my friends ask me to do their make up, I’m just like oh my God are you actually trusting me to do your face?!!!

What make up advice would you tell your younger self?
Less of the blusher, I used to go wild! And to go and get colour matched for my foundation because there was some serious tide lines going on there!

What is your dream job?
I’m sooo unsure about what I want to do when I leave uni this year! When I began uni I was dead set on wanting to be a magazine journalist, but then I grew more interested in PR and social media, but then earlier this month I did work experience with Heat mag in London and it’s re-sparked my passion for magazine journalism! I’m sooooo unsure!

What’s your skin care routine?
I’ve luckily never really had bad skin so I don’t have a major skin care routine! I do have quite sensitive skin though and it can react to quite a lot of products so I generally use Micellar Water to remove my make up, and then use Simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser!

Who is your blogging inspiration?
I don’t have any MAJOR blogging inspo’s if I’m honest, I’ve read Zoella’s blog since she literally had like 50k likes on FB… I was a bit of a superfan haha. And I’ve also always read lulutrixabelle and Gracie Francesca’s blogs, so if I had to choose it’d probably be those three!

What are your blogging tips and advice?
Don’t worry what other people think of what you’re doing! When I first started blogging I was soo embarrassed about people who I went to school with, college with, etc, reading it and laughing at me. But now I literally just think, who actually cares? Just think of the extra hits you’re getting when they’re being nosy reading your posts haha!

Also, Twitter! The blogging community on Twitter is massive and it’s so good for promoting your posts/finding inspiration for posts and making blogger friends who you can go to events with etc!

Lastly, write what you want to write, don’t just write about something because you know people will enjoy it, or you think it’s what you should be writing. And don’t not post something because you think as a beauty blogger, for example, you shouldn’t post that! It’s your blog do whatever you like with it!

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