Ana is a 21  year old blogging tips and advice, lifestyle and travel blogger and is currently living in the UK but is originally from Romania. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?  

I started a few blogs in my life, but they failed as I never put in the time or effort to sustain them. I only started taking blogging seriously last September and it’s been an interesting journey ever since.

Why did you start blogging?
I started The She Approach because I realized that one of the reasons my other blogs failed (other then the ones mentioned above) is that I wrote for myself. They were more like online diaries than anything else, and they weren’t really helpful to anyone. This time I started blogging with a whole new vision in mind: to connect with other young women, to inspire and empower them in their own ventures and to share my experiences with them in order to encourage them.
What do you miss about Romania?
It’s been a while since I’ve been back home so I really do miss a lot. First of all, the people. A big chunk of my family is still there, not to mention my childhood friends and ex-classmates. After that, I have two dogs there that I cannot wait to see. I also miss the summer weather, the amazing food and all the places I haven’t gotten the chance to visit yet.
What’s your favourite book?
My favorite book changed so many times that it’s hard to keep track. I am currently really enjoying “The Idea in You” by Martin Amor & Alex Pellew and will probably do a full review on this on my blog because I just started a book review section.
How would you describe uni?
Uni is challenging, to say the least. It’s not as much about the module difficulty level but more about me and how I manage my time to successfully do all the work I need to do, attend classes and do individual studying while working full time, taking care of a puppy and trying to grow my blog. But it’s been really fun at times and I got to do things I wouldn’t normally get to experience. So I’ll just leave it at “it’s worth it”.
Favourite breed of dog?
I don’t discriminate. I love all dogs. (Honestly, dog parks are heaven to me). I recently got a staffy puppy (which you can follow on instagram at @flickanibbles) and I’m loving it! There are still a couple of dog breeds that I have my eye on in regards to what my future dog will be (I plan to get more in a few years) but I also happen to love dogs that are not pure breed. I think they have more personality.
Who is your blogging inspiration?
Tereza at Cityscape Bliss is one of the full-time bloggers that I really look up to. She is killing it and she is so beyond kind and supportive to others! And I’m just in awe of anyone who puts so much creativity into this even if don’t make money out of it (yet!)
Who is your blogging inspiration?
I still have a lot to learn myself but there are a couple of things I learned in my blogging journey that I really think would help others. My top pieces of advice are: go self-hosted, treat it like a business and have some fun with it! If you’re looking for more blogging advice, check out my blogging tips category on my blog.

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