Lottie Pearce is a 23 year old fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and from Buckinghamshire. She can be found at
When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in the summer of 2013, so have been blogging for about 3 and a half years now.
Why did you start blogging?
I accidentally stumbled across a beauty blog whilst searching online for a particular product, and found myself reading the blog for hours! I was drawn in by the beautiful photography and honest reviews about various products, and felt inspired. A few days later, I was still intrigued by this blog and decided to create a website of my own on Blogger. I didn’t particularly want anyone else to read it, I simply wanted a creative outlet, so I started taking photos using my phone and reviewing products I had around the house in secret. After a few weeks of blogging, my then boyfriend convinced me to share my little blog with my friends on Twitter, and it’s essentially just grown from there. When I first started, I had no idea about the opportunities it could bring and how many people it would interest!
What is your staple accessory?
I guess my staple accessory would be my rings – I have a very small collection of little antique rings that are really precious to me. I love their intricacy and I wear one every single day. I also love small bags!
What have been your favourite products to test out and review?
That’s tricky, as I’m always testing out new products! In general, I love trying skincare products as I’m hugely passionate about the skincare industry and am always searching for products that really work. 
What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe?
I don’t have a specific outfit as such, but I have a few favourite items – I have a cream and floral maxi dress from Zara (which I’ve only worn once to a wedding, as it’s pretty formal!) but I really treasure it. Day to day, I tend to feel most confident when wearing high waisted black skinny jeans, heeled black ankle boots, a pretty top or jumper and a statement jacket – an aviator style or my dusty pink cocoon coat are favourites of mine!
Best advice for extending your audience?
I would definitely recommend networking as much as possible, staying true to yourself by wearing/speaking about what you genuinely like and generally being well-mannered! It’s a small world, and I definitely believe that you can become happier and get further in life by being nice to others.
Who is your blogging inspiration?

So many bloggers inspire me for different reasons. I admire Katie (from for her beautiful photography, I admire Monica (from for her incredible fashion sense and I admire Victoria (from for her attention to detail and hard work. I’m constantly inspired by so many other bloggers though – for creating incredible content, for putting themselves out there and for being really supportive of others. 

What are your blogging tips and advice?

Blogging tips – I’d recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity – post content you’re truly proud of and excited to share, rather than feeling pressured to upload daily content for the sake of it. I’d also mention integrity – being honest about your values and what’s important to you. Whether that be from your personal style to which topics you like to cover on your blog. For example in terms of style, I personally don’t like choker necklaces or particular colours, so I don’t wear them, and there are plenty of products I will never feature too! I believe it’s better in the long run to stick to your tastes and values.


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