Sarah Jayne Adams is a 25 year old fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle blogger from Sunderland. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging just over two years ago. I set up a blog while studying at University to pass a module and I became fascinated with the world of blogging. Unfortunately, studying full time and working part time meant I couldn’t keep it up, but once I graduated I gave my blog a revamp and the journey of Plain Sarah Jayne began.

Why did you start blogging?
I’ve always been creative and I’ve always loved writing, and I guess a blog seemed like the best outlet where I could explore both. Plus, I’m a full time journalist and I wanted my own space to write about what I wanted to write about.

What’s your favourite book?
Oh, this is a tough one. I love reading (actual paper books) and I enjoy sagas. I wouldn’t say I haven’t got a favourite book, but one of my favourite authors is Darren Shan.

Favourite restaurant?
Again, I don’t really have a favourite restaurant. I love all kinds of food, it just depends on my mood. I can never say no to a good steak and chunky chips though!

What lipstick colour do you go for?
Oh I’m a nude kinda girl. MAC Honey Love and Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink are a few of my favourites.

Where do you mainly get your clothes from?
Honestly, my wardrobe is pretty dire for a fashion blogger. I mainly shop online at ASOS, BooHoo and Missguided. I do have a slight addicted for expensive handbags though. My collection includes, Mulberry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Lulu Guinness, Vivienne Westwood and more.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
Some of my closest blogging friends are my biggest inspiration. I love the content they create. They work super duper hard on all aspects of their blog and it shows, and they’re rewarded for it. I know some of the best #GirlBosses out there.

What are your blogging tips and advice?
I would say my biggest piece of advice is to be you. Blog when you like, about what you like. Don’t be consumed by what others are doing or the amount of likes or followers you have. If you started blogging because you enjoy it, make sure that continues to be the case.


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