Allie Davies is a 22 year old fashion, beauty and travel blogger from Liverpool. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I first started Tie-dye-eyes way back in the summer of 2012, I can’t believe that’s almost 5 whole years ago. It’s gone by pretty quickly.

Why did you start blogging?
Honestly, I was just bored one day in the summer holidays. I’ve always been interested in fashion and wanted to work in the industry, and was planning to study it at university the following year, so making a blog seemed like a good way of making me stand out from other applicants. Lily Melrose followed me on Twitter, I checked out her blog and thought, I can definitely do this. So I asked my dad to take some pictures in the back garden and that was it.

Who is your fashion icon?
I don’t have just one fashion icon anymore, I think fashion has evolved so rapidly the past few years it’s not the same top-down trend system. I get my inspiration from everywhere, like people on the street, people on Instagram, fellow bloggers, editorials… But one person who’s wardrobe I would love to have would be Alexa Chung, as I’m sure everyone says!

What is your most invested fashion item?
I don’t really invest in things at the moment. I’m not one of these bloggers who spends hundreds on a handbag claiming it’s an ‘investment’ then shoves it at the back of the wardrobe. I’m still a student, so most of my pieces are from the high street or handmade. I did spend over £100 on my graduation dress, but it was on sale and I used my mum’s card, so it doesn’t really count!

Are you excited for London Fashion Week?
Definitely! Whilst I’ve always been more interested in the streetstyle element of fashion month, I do enjoy keeping up with certain shows on Snapchat and Instagram stories. London has always been my favourite fashion week, it’s more eccentric and fun. Much better than the ‘classics’ at Paris if you ask me.

What is your fashion statement?
I’m not sure I have one! Just dress for yourself. Don’t worry if you’re too underdressed, overdressed, on trend or too boring, just wear what makes you feel best. That makes more of a statement than anything you could buy.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
Everyone on the Liverpool blogger scene right now. We’re all genuinely good friends and constantly bigging each other up, showing support and providing inspiration. Every day I get outfit inspiration from one of the girls or video ideas when I scroll through my sub box. It’s an amazing community to be a part of. Other than that, Megan Ellaby is killing it right now. I love her style, plus she’s a lovely girl, who always shows off her style and her city amazingly well.

What are your blogging tips and advice?
Just do what you want! It doesn’t matter if no one else is blogging about what you want to blog about, in fact that’s a good thing. Try not to worry about whether people will like what you’re posting, because if you like it, chances are there’s plenty of other people out there who will. On that note, try not to copy others, which can be hard in such a set formula blogging world, but put your own spin on things and always make sure your real personality is shining through. If you do that and work hard, you’ll do well.


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