Emily Bashforth is a 17 year old blogger (you can’t evens specify what she blogs about, there is SO much variety!) from England. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
My blog was born in early January 2015. I had been apprehensive about starting a blog for a long time but I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I distinctively remember spending hours playing around with the layout of my blog until it was “perfect,” although I got awfully frustrated at times because technology seems to hate me and thing always moved into places that I didn’t want them to move into! As soon as I had a blog I was eager to get writing and just wanted to upload twenty blog posts there and then. Starting my blog was such an exciting experience and I am definitely glad I decided to do it.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging, like most people, because I saw others doing it and thought “Hey, that looks fun, I reckon I could give it a go!” But I waited a while and continued to read blogs in the meantime until I felt comfortable enough to actually put myself out there. Also, I started a blog because I have a lot of opinions and I wanted somewhere to shove all of the jumbled up thoughts in my head. I find blogging incredibly therapeutic and I turn to it whenever I want to get something off of my chest. I spent (and still do spend) a lot of time Tweeting my opinions on things but 140 just wasn’t doing them justice, consequently, I started my blog and started rambling on there! Additionally, I wanted to share my views with other people and, hopefully, inject a little positivity into their lives through happy, motivational posts, whilst educating them at the same time with posts about topical issues. Having a blog also gives me more experience with writing and has helped me grow as a writer, which is key for me as I hope to pursue a career in the writing industry in the future. Plus, it’s great to look back on all of the pieces you have written and see what you were talking about this time two years ago!

Your blog touches upon a lot of political and current issues, what would be your advice for others who want to post similar things regarding these topics?
My advice for anyone who wants to discuss political or topical issues is to JUST DO IT! In today’s society, so many subjects are viewed as taboo or “off limits,” especially when it comes to politics, that’s always a touchy subject and, when discussing it, you can often find yourself tiptoeing around the points, hoping not to offend anyone. However, I think it’s extremely important that we discuss what is going on in our world and it does aggravate me when those with platforms, stay mute at times when their voices are needed most. If you want to talk about politics or topical issues, do not let anyone stop you because we need to break down walls and communicate with one another in order to build a more peaceful world. Even if your views are outside the norm or don’t agree with everyone else’s, still, put them out there! We all have a right to express our opinions and there are people in other countries who are not as privileged as we are, therefore, we should utilise our rights, not suppress our opinions because of what other people might think. Besides, if everyone agreed on everything, how boring would the world be? We need controversy and discussions to keep things moving. Your one, unique opinion could open up so many doors for conversations and could potentially change the way people see the world. I do feel nervous sometimes when uploading blog posts on controversial issues but then I think, “Why should I? These are my opinions and I am doing no wrong by expressing them.” We cannot just stay silent on things and hope that they will blow over, we have to use our voices and work together. And do not worry about people disagreeing with you because 1) that’s life and 2) your blog readers and people in your life will value you much more if you speak out about things passionately than if you keep your mouth shut and appear uneducated or unbothered, even if they don’t think the same as you.

What is your favourite topic to post about?
I wouldn’t really say that I have one topic that I enjoy blogging about the most, especially as my blog content is so varied – one day you’ll be reading about abortion, the next you’ll be reading about my favourite One Direction songs. Plus, I only post about things that interest me and that I feel strongly about, therefore, I love all of the topics I choose to write about. That being said, I do love to write posts on topical issues, such as politics. It would be nice to not have to write them but, until utopia is a reality, I shall continue to blog about things that matter. I love sharing my knowledge with people and opening up discussions on things. Posting about things like US politics, for example, also makes me feel like I am using my small platform properly and that I’m doing good, which is what I always aim to do. Although, it is nice to take a break from those things sometimes and just talk about music, make-up and fashion.

How do you get inspiration for interesting blog posts?
As previously mentioned, as my blog content is so diverse, I get inspiration from a range of sources. I haven’t restricted myself to only talking about beauty, for example, therefore I don’t often find it difficult to get inspiration for blog posts. There is always something happening in the world which I can blog about, whether that be in the world of fashion, celebrity or politics. I tend to get most of my inspiration from social media as I read most of my news on there and I enjoy reading the opinions of other people on particular subjects, which will often provoke me to write about something if I see lots of people are interested in it. Sometimes, ideas come to me at the most random times, like when I’m on a bus or lying in bed at 3am, so I type them into my phone quickly. Inspiration really can come from anywhere.

What are your top 3 favourite beauty products?
Now you’re testing me! Firstly I would have to say concealer as, if I don’t have time (or can’t be bothered more like) to apply foundation, concealer is my saviour, in particular the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as its high coverage, long lasting and ridiculously cheap – the perfect combination, right? Concealer makes me feel so much more confident in my skin and like I can face the world. As well as concealer, it’s probably be blush, as it adds a little colour back into my face and ensures I don’t look like a walking corpse. My favourite blushers for a healthy glow would be the Too Face Sweetheart blush in the colour ‘Something About Berry’ as it gives my cheeks a, yep, you guessed it, a beautiful berry glow, and also the Rockateur blush by Benefit as it looks natural yet still makes me look alive. Finally, I love a good lipstick and, for me, it pulls my look together and makes me feel a little more human. It’d be impossible for me to name just one favourite although I do prefer pink nudes as oppose to bold colours (although I am partial to a red lip every now and again). Liquid lipsticks seem to have stolen my heart as well and they’re perfect for me as I can put one on at 7am and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Colour Pop, Too Faced and Sleek do great ones.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
I’m thinking exceptionally hard right now and, in all honesty, I don’t think I have a blogging inspiration. Is that awful? Does that make me a bad blogger? Well, if it does, I’m probably doing myself no favours by also admitting that I no longer read many blogs – oops.  I tend to just stick to what I’m doing and write about what I’m passionate about. I used to read blogs frequently but have since found that nobody really talks about what I’m interested in. My Twitter timeline is inundated with eyeshadow palette reviews and fashion hauls – don’t get me wrong, I love writing those things too but, when it comes to reading other blogs, I would rather read opinionated pieces on topical issues. Although, I do love a good advice post. I do read the blogs of my online friends as they, like me, have small platforms which they use to promote positivity , which I think is wonderful, however, I cannot recall the last time I read the blog of an eminent, full time blogger and I’m not too sure when or why I suddenly stopped! My inspirations for blogging tend to people who don’t actually have blogs but use social media to express their views. Someone who I love is Lauren Jauregui, not only because I’m a Fifth Harmony fan and think she’s gorgeous, but because she uses her platform wisely to speak out about things that matter and educate her audience. I look up to her as she’s passionate and doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions on what she thinks is right, therefore I always try to do that myself. Really, anyone who speaks out and is an all-round nice person is an inspiration to me.

What are your blogging tips and advice?
The main tip that I have regarding blogging is to just write whatever the hell you want. Personally, I feel very detached from the whole blogging scene and so don’t tend to pay much attention to what other people are doing, which I think gives me more freedom to write about the things I’m really interested in. if you want to start a blog, do so and don’t look back. Don’t think too much into it and never allow anyone to talk you out of it or ridicule you for blogging. They are the ones missing out. It is the future! If you get an idea for a post, write it up, click publishand share it with the world. Readers want individuality and they want something fresh so don’t feel the need to conform to blogger stereotypes and write about what everyone else is writing about. Likewise, never blog for the sake of blogging. Personally, I don’t have a schedule which really benefits me as I’m not restricting myself to only posting on certain days and it means, when I do blog, I’m doing it because I want to. If you want to write, write, if you don’t, don’t. Your blog is your own personal space and you can honestly do whatever the hell you like with it. Finally, use your platform positively and for good. Express your opinions whist being respectful and open to other people’s interpretations. Educate and motivate your readers whilst having fun with what you’re doing. Blogging can be taken so seriously, but why should it be? There’s no need to compete with fellow bloggers, race to reach 100,000 page views or feel pressured into making every post impeccable. Just go at your own pace, celebrate your own blog whilst simultaneously celebrating others. You will make mistakes and you’ll probably look back at your current posts in a years’ time and think “Why did I even write that?” But that’s okay! It’s all part of the experience and, dare I say, the experience is pretty fabulous.


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