Yasmin Clayson is a 23 year old lifestyle, travel and fashion blogger from Manchester. She can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I first started blogging during my third year of university back in 2013. At the time I was studying English and one of my modules was to create a blog on a biography I had read. I enjoyed doing it so much that after university I decided to get serious and took it up as a hobby.

Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to blog because it was a great way to record memories as I enjoy going on lots of trips and adventures. I see it as a little personal diary for me to look back on as well as a platform to share my thoughts.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts from?
Mostly I like to blog about where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to lately. I like to read lots of different blogs frequently and then try to project my own ideas from this in order to make my content have a little unique twist.

What is your favourite place that you have visited?
This is a really difficult question, there’re so many! So far I’d have to say Rome. The city is incredible and there’s so much to see and do, plus visiting sights such as the colosseum or Vatican City is just mind-blowing!

What is your favourite part about blogging?
I love taking pictures and coming up with ideas for blog posts. When you visit somewhere off of the beaten track, or you have an idea for a post that you’ve not really seen floating around the internet before, you feel yourself become inspired and you can’t wait to hit publish. Blogging gives me an opportunity to be as creative and innovative as I like.

What item could you not live without?
Probably my iPhone! From my Google Calendar and my social media schedule to keeping up with friends and taking pictures on the go, I really would feel lost without it!
Who is your blogging inspiration?
I love reading as Tara always writes really honest and interesting posts about her latest adventures! I also love as Milly takes great photographs and always has new and interesting content to read.
What are your blogging tips and advice?
Put on your blog what you would want to read and exactly what you want to say. The beauty of a blog is that you can be as honest and creative as you like – so don’t follow the crowd. Take inspiration from other blogs to see what they’re doing well, but ultimately view your blog as a diary and keep us all posted with what you’re doing, where you’re going or what your passions are. Then promote it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as much as possible and get your voice heard!

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