Rio Corbett is a 26 year old lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger from Cornwall. She can be found at
When did you start blogging?
I started blogging last September and I’m really enjoying it!
Why did you start blogging?
I started when I realised it was something I had a passion about and a real love for!
What camera do you use to shoot your blog photos?
I use an Olympus pen 7, it’s like my baby! I love it! It really has changed my photos and upped my blog and insta game!
What is your favourite beauty product?
My fav beauty product has to be my Armani silk foundation, it’s raved about by so many for such good reasons! It’s amazing!
What is your favourite high street sore?
My fav highstreet shop would have to be Zara, so fashion forward and such good quality clothes
What are you top tips for keeping healthy?
My tips for keeping healthy is to mix it up, keep changing up your workouts! Boredom is the killer of motivation so switch it up and find what you love and try new things to keep shocking and working your body!
Who is your blogging inspiration?
My blog inspirations of blog-spirations are Lydia Elise millen, beauty and the blog, Maria j, and Chloe Helen miles, those girls are killing it, blog and vlog wise!
What are you blogging tips and advice?
If I had any tips for blogging I would say just go for it! Write what you want to write about if you are that passionate about it. And just go for it, I had someone tell me I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t be good enough but here I am! Working with people, and writing for people and having people liking and enjoying what I have to say, about the things I love!

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