Katerina Jane is a 20 year old fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel blogger from Farnham, Surrey and can be found at

When did you start blogging?
I’ve had my blog for a few years, but properly started to blog & post consistantly right before 2016 started!

Why did you start blogging?
I was curious! I was intrigued by the freedom and creative outlet I could have in my own little space on the internet. Kristina Bazan was the first editorial blogger I’d ever come across, her site Kayture I found & still do find, absolutely mesmerising. The photography and styling put any magazine I held to shame, because back then blogging was new, in fact – completely unheard of; suddenly I realised all my passions, everything I wanted to create, I could showcase online, in my own visual journal, as she’d demonstrated. Her success convinced me it was possible. New and daunting, but exciting and different.

What camera do you use for your blog pictures?
I’ve always used a Canon, recently I upgraded my old one to the Canon 80D & I use the 50mm lenses!

Who is your style icon?
I have a select few! Sienna Miller, her laid back but chic bohemian style, has had me crushing on her for years. Clémence Poésy, the ultimate french girl, who’s had me throw out my concealer, embrace bed hair and channel my inner Parisian. Alexa Chung, need I say more? Along with Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Natalie Wood, as my more classic influences. I have to say, my mum is my first and foremost style icon, since I was born she’s dressed and inspired me with the classics, eccentric and chic clothing that has fitted in with the creative I am today and the way I express myself. Everything artistic I owe to her.

Did you have any new years resolutions?
I’ve not really set any in stone, last year I made some pretty big changes to my life, they kind of happened naturally. Though the one thing I’ve told myself, is to remember to put my mental health first, because happiness and being ok is everything. If there was something I’d like to achieve this year, is to finally get round to filming my short editorial films.

How long have you been writing short stories?
I’d say for about just over a year. Not too long, but I feel like there’s always been that writer in me, I just never had the confidence to pour everything out onto paper, even if it would just be me reading it! I’d love to release a short story or two one day.

Who is your blogging inspiration?
Oh there are so many incredible bloggers out there, so SO many. Who each inspire me in a different way! Beth Norton is an amazing, hardworking gal, she always seems to give nothing less than her absolute best, and it sure as hell pays off. That always inspires me to never stop and keep pushing on. Holly White, crushing madly on her right now, that beauty is creating incredible content that I am hooked on! From her imagery to her writing, talking about things that matter and so many of us can relate to! And also Alice Catherine, Victoria (inthefrow) & Estée Lalonde!

What are your blogging tips and advice?
Be inspired by what you see, don’t compare. We’re all different creatively, our vision, style, our lives. Don’t try to be someone else, a cliché I know but OH so true. Connect with other bloggers, don’t be shy because we’re literally all wanting a good chat & virtual hugs, sticking together has never been better!


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