Amber Kirk-Ford is an 18 year old book and novelist blogger from Norfolk at
When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2006 with a blog that documented my day-to-day life, but scrapped that in 2009 to start The Mile Long Bookshelf. And it’s still here, eight years later! I like to think it’s less awkward and embarrassing than the first attempt…
Why did you start blogging?
My first blog began the day after I left school to become home educated. My current one began when I started guest reviewing for a website called Chicklish which I believe was the biggest book reviewing site in the UK, or one of them – and definitely one of the first! I loved it so much that I began my own.
What do you enjoy about books?
No matter what, millions of other worlds are there for you to escape into and explore. You’ll never be able to read them all, so there’s no chance of them running out. And I love that they offer each and every person who opens the pages a chance to better themselves.
What is your dream job?
My dream is to write a book – and hopefully have it available for others to read. I’ve written about 60,000 words of my work in progress, so when I finish college in June, I’ll be working on that. I’m also very interested in the journalism and publishing industries… and blogging full-time would be amazing, obviously! So many dreams, so little time…
Who is your favourite author?
I have a few, and I genuinely can’t narrow it down to one! I love Cassandra Clare, C.J. Daugherty, Holly Bourne, Sara Barnard, Chris Russell, Estelle Maskame, and more recently Katherine Webber, who has just released her first novel, Wing Jones. I love these YA authors!
What has motivated you to blog for so long?
Nothing stays the same in the blogging world, and you never know what’s going to happen next, so it never gets boring. Plus, there are always new bloggers coming onto the scene… which means there are always friends to make. I suppose it helps that I love writing and I love what I write about, too! Blogging is my life, and most of the good things that have happened to me – even most of my friends – have been found through what began as a hobby I randomly took up. I can’t imagine not doing it.
Who is your blogging inspiration?
This is the most predictable answer ever, but my group of blogging friends are constantly doing great things and I think we all motivate and inspire each other. You have permission to get a bucket.
What are your blogging tips and advice?
I know people who have started a blog fully expecting to become an overnight success with minimal effort, and obviously… that doesn’t happen. Then they delete the blog a few days later. Seriously, I’ve seen this time and time again. So, my advice would be to simply keep going! You never know what might happen. I have lots of blogging tips at and I’m always happy to lend a hand where I can.

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